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   Kate Mohanty 

       disappear here (friendship tapes | Oct 2019) cassette

       aclu benefit compilation (wharf cat records | 2018) double lp 

       The Double Image (GP Stripes | 2017) cassette

       Compilation 2​/​Slackgaze Split (Air Balloon Tapes | 2014) cassette


         world of mirth ep (brace Y0urself records | august 2022)


        soft hell (mexican summer | 2018) lp

   Bodega Bay 

        OUR BRAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE (Capitalist Records | 2015) Cassette/Book 

        (book includes drawing by Kate Mohanty)


   Gold Dime 


        no more blue skies (no gold records | 2023) LP

        Nerves (Fire Talk Records | 2017) LP


   Zach Cooper 

        The Sentence (Styles Upon Styles | 2016) LP


   Hartley C. White & Friends 

      Something Better (OSR77 | 2016) LP


   Jepeto solutions 

    Losgelassenheit (self released | 2017)


   Mega Bog 

      Shadows Break / For The Old World (OSR51 | 2016) Cassingle


   Parlor Walls 

       CUT (famous swords | 2015) Cassette

      Opposites (Northern Spy Records | 2017) LP


   Zach Phillips 

        How To Slip Away (Feeding Tube Records | 2018 LP)


    Milk Dick 


     Encyclopedia of the Unexplained  (Time Castle Records | 2017) Cassette


        "Chores" (make believe records | 2019) cassette

   Wishbone Zoe 


      French of the bird (Sad Cactus Records-Sad056 | 2020)


      X HARLOW 

      cathars (sweat equity| 2022)

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