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 Kate Mohanty is an avant-garde saxophonist based in Brooklyn. Kate is an   active member of Brooklyn's DIY music scene, avidly committed to the   process of improvisation. Disappear Here, Mohanty’s second solo effort,   was released in October 2019 on friendship tapes. Kate’s albums are   completely improvised upon recording. Mohanty's debut solo recording,   The Double Image, was released via GP Stripes in April 2017. Kate has   participated in a wide variety of artistic projects, including scoring   short films, accompanying dance and theater performances, appearing on   numerous albums for bands, as well as other mixed-media projects. In 2011   Kate published a solo book of poetry entitled Back from Brooklyn.



  Impose Magazine: 
  "…the record is an exercise in a sort of controlled chaos, an eventful    and unpredictable machination of a singular, skillful vision."    

        The Double Image was named to Avant Music News Best of 2017 

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